Study Swedish in Uppsala, Sweden and meet the world

Uppsala International Summer Session organizes summer courses in the Swedish language for students and professionals. The minimum age requirement is 18. Since 1963 thousands of students have attended our courses. Their reasons and backgrounds vary, but after attending UISS they have at least one thing in common: a better proficiency in the language and a deeper understanding of the Swedish culture. Every year 35 - 40 students return to the UISS.


Summer Session 2014

Please check the availability for your Swedish course before applying.

9 weeks

June 15 – August 15

6 weeks

June 15 – July 25

6 weeks

July 6 – August 15

3 weeks

June 15 – July 4

3 weeks

July 6 – July 25

3 weeks

July 27 – August 15

Check fees and availability and sign up!

The 2014 PDF booklet "Summer Studies" contains the vital information 
from this website and can be downloaded here



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